Turkeys at my Newcomb NY Waterfront Cabin (Goodnow Flow) Boxing day 12/26/20

I checked the recorded camera feeds after a string of alerts arrived from one of my ‘Critter Cams’ at the cabin. These are stills that I received (click for full size images).

The first two are from a 720P Foscam so they are not a perfect pictures. However, the camera is set low to get the view level with the perspective of many of the animals passing by.  Then they were picked up by a 4K Reolink 510 while they foraged

I was scanning the video off the Foscam and more Turkeys would stalk by each time I was about to cut it.

The Reolink camera recorded them foraging. That one has sound so there is a little bit of gobble chatter (try around 30 seconds in)

The ground is brown because we had a major thaw at Christmas.  My stream was swollen and flooding its banks in places.  The last video, below, is the best of the set as six Turkeys fly, with little elegance, across the stream.  Number six gets style points.  Some were, urm, chicken and were still hesitating on the bank when the clip ended.

This is another older generation Foscam installed to provide a fill in view so its the best clip for content not image quality.

I figure the turkeys were relieved it was Christmas and not Thanksgiving. Checkout the GoodNOW! Facebook page for new content.

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