Coyote pursues injured deer at my Newcomb NY vacation home

This was an unexpected daylight event recorded on IP cameras at my cabin on the Goodnow Flow (a private Adirondack lake in Newcomb NY).  A coyote is pushing to exhaustion a deer that has a broken rear leg. It is not good reading for the squeamish!

Injured deer 2
Author: Brian Pentecost

Click thumbnail images to see the full size pictures of each gallery.

The deer crosses the stream and it looks stressed, a bit later the coyote arrives, its just loping along.

The deer pauses by the boat house and its obvious that something is terribly wrong with the leg. A Facebook opinion is that it has a transverse fracture.

Another camera shows the deer running again.  If you look at the end of the boat house video and the end of the Lake shot you can see that the coyote is taking the lake shore route (its just a head and ears at the end of the lake video)

That’s the last I saw of them but there was an area on the ice that was churned up and I think the coyote got the deer there and maybe dragged something off to the right. When I visited a few days later I could see what looked like traces of blood out there.  The IP video cameras view parts of the lake but I had the lake masked so the cameras did not record.

Click thumbnail images to see the full size pictures of each gallery.

Searching slightly earlier videos, I picked up the coyote coming into my lot (before going down to the stream), the Deer didn’t trigger that camera.  If you let the clip run, you can see the deer and later the coyote moving through the woodland.

I’m generally using 4K Reolink cameras but the clip by the boathouse (shed) is from an older Foscam unit.

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