In memory- Goodnow flow lot owners’ collated obituaries

A blog post to memorialize deceased former Goodnow Flow Lot owners and residents. I collect obituaries via standing searches (for ‘Goodnow Flow’) but its not a perfect system. You can also message me through the site or  in the Goodnow Weekly Facebook group
This is an independent initiative NOT associated with the lake HOA.

Frank A LaBarge 9/3/1953 - 1/26/2024

Frank A LaBarge
South Glens Falls – Frank A. LaBarge, 70, of South Glens Falls, passed away on Friday, January 26, 2024. 
Please click to see the full obituary.

Donald Brandow 10/19/1932 - 5/26/2023

Donald H Brandow
Donald H. Brandow, 90, passed away May 26, 2023.
Please click to see the full obituary. Also see that for Marion Anne Cole (Spouse).

Marion Ann Cole 2/10/1939 - 11/28/2022

Marion Anne cole


Marion Anne Cole, 83, passed away November 28 2022.


Please follow the link to see her full Obituary.  Also see that for Don Brandow above (spouse).

Robert E Bedell 10/5/1927 - 5/22/2023

 Robert E. Bedell, 94 of Nassau NY passed away May 23, 2022. 
Please click to see his full obituary.

Anna (Ann) M Yager 8/5/1928 - 7/16/2023

anna ann yager


Anne Yager, 94, passed away on July 16, 2023.
Please follow the link to see her full obituary.

Mary Trombley 7/18/1937 - 3/7/2023

Mary trombley


Mary Trombley, 85, of Glens Falls passed
 away March 7, 2023.


Please click to see her full Obituary.

Maurice R Rivard 6/4/1935 - 1/5/2022

Maurice R Rivard
Maurice R Rivard, 86, passed away January 5 2022.

Please click to see his full Obituary.

Mary Fibiger

 Mary Fibiger, 99, of Utica, died November 10, 2020. 
(link to online obituary has expired)

Linda Owens-Shevlin 2/20/1939 - 4/26/2021

linda owens shevlin
Linda Owens Shevlin, 82, formerly of Hudson Falls & Queensbury NY. 
Please click to see her full Obituary.

Dawn A Kennedy 11/9/1933 - 3/25/2021

Dawn A Kennedy


Dawn A Kennedy, 87, from Glens Falls passed away March 25 2021
Please click to see her full Obituary.

Virginia R Smith 7/30/1919 - 1/5/21

virginia smith


Ginnie Smith, 101, passed away January 5 2021
Please follow this link to see her full Obituary.


Edith Knight Dolan 6/23/1926- 10/23/2020


Edith Knight Dolan, 96, passed away October 23, 2020


Please click on the link to see her Obituary.

William 'Bill' P Leonard


Bill Leonard, 79, formerly of Glens Falls NY and Bethany beach DE died 5 November 2020
Please follow the link to see his full Obituary.

Joseph B Garvilla 5/20/2048 - 6/27/2020

Joe Garvilla

Joe Garvilla, 72, (Newcomb, NY and previously Chester, NY) passed away June 27, 2020.
Please click on this link for his full obituary.

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