Enjoying then private lake on a pontoon boat

On the water at the private Goodnow Flow

The Summer season of Goodnow Flow activities runs from a couple of weeks before Memorial Day weekend through to around Columbus Day weekend.  The lake level is raised during the May window by about three feet. See an additional post about the Lake.

Pontoon boat at the goodnow flow - favored lake transportation

Pontoon boats are the favored motorized transport since much of the lake is shallow.  Powerboats and anything over 10hp are not allowed.

I use a lightweight Hornbeck canoe that I figured I could take to other locations by myself, but I haven’t so far!  There is a request to do the basic cleanup for all boat types so as not to import or export invasives. There is a decontamination station at the Glens Falls rest stop on the Northway that runs at least on weekends during the summer.

Shop Boating at Cabela’s

Using a Hornbeck canoe at the flow - starting when there was still ice through to fall
Out on the Flow, early Spring to Fall

In the water at Newcomb-NY’s Goodnow Flow

Water temperature Goodnow flow Newcomb NY 2018
Lake water temp (F) 2018 – a warm year

The water is considered OK for swimming but not for drinking. It is not screened for E.coli, I haven’t heard of any algal blooms. I plotted out the water temperature data filed with NY DECs CSLAP for summer 2018 (apparently above average). You can get a feel for water temperatures from this link (it’s for a stream joining the Boreas river), and at Warner bay Lake George (in season).

The goodnow flow is stocked annually with fish, but anglers compete with loons and otters.
Loon Lunching – Bullhead?

The lake is typically stocked with hatchery trout the 9 days before Memorial day (they get a week to recuperate and hide before the season starts).  In 2019 it was about 750 each of rainbow and brook trout, 10-14”, but one was lost to an Osprey within minutes!  The Loons and Otters also take a toll on the fish population. There is an assortment of other fish in the lake (bass and bullhead were tops of the 2019 named catch list).

On land at the Goodnow Flow: perimeter road & lease

ATVs and side-by-sides are the choice of vehicle around the Flow, they are allowed on the association unpaved sections of the perimeter road and are at least tolerated on the town-owned paved section.

ATV ride around the perimeter road (North side), starting at shadow dam to the west. Transition from dirt to blacktop at 5’20”. The bridge at 4’20” is over the Goodnow.
ATVs at the Goodnow Flow use the perimeter road and local trails
Washout on Cornell Road heading toward 28N
Goodnow flowage private leased lands with trails for hiking, skiing, ATVs  and snowmobiles
There are marked trails on private Association leased land north of the Flow. Maps are said to be available to members

The lake association that owns the Goodnow Flow collectively for lot owners also leases forest to the north of the lake for members use. This land stayed in private hands when the bulk of the Finch Pruyn properties were taken over by NY State. There are marked trails for hiking and ATV use.  There is said to be a laminated map of the trails available but I haven’t seen a copy. You are supposed to wear club ID when on lake association owned or leased land.

Summer recreation outside the Goodnow Flowage: Newcomb and more

Access to the public Essex Chain is via Goodnow Flow roads

Newcomb has something happening many weekends of the summer and ‘bands at the beach’ Thursday nights in peak season. The town goes all out with an Independence Day fireworks display and ‘TR weekend’ is a big late-season event (Teddy Roosevelt was in the area when he learned that he was president after McKinley was assassinated).  You can see an events schedule for the current and past year on the Discover Newcomb NY Facebook page, and there are Experience.Newcomb Apps available for iOS and Android

Cloudsplitter outfitters and Newcomb Guide Service are focused on recreational activities and based by the 28N bridge on the way into Newcomb.  Camp owners may want to try out equipment by renting from Cloudsplitters first.  Rafting and tubing are great ways to spend a day.

Most of the non-town recreational resources around Newcomb are State-owned or operated.  There is the Great-Camp Santanoni and the Adirondack Interpretative Center  (AIC) based at the SUNY Environmental Studies & Forestry Newcomb Campus ESF.  You can visit the Essex chain lakes and Boreas ponds which are major features in the lands acquired from Finch & Pruyn. Access to the Boreas ponds was improved in 2019 with a road upgrade and changes to regs for allowing motor vehicle drive up.   I have pages relating to those lands at ADKforestrymaps.site, those include the OK Slip Falls. There is a short book on hikes and boating in these areas that have had restricted access for over a century. The recreational use of these new State lands is still evolving. You can also visit Tahawus.

Newcomb Historical Museum5631 State Rt. 28N, Newcomb, NY 12852Local
High Peaks Golf Club45 Santanoni Drive, Newcomb Local
Camp Santanoni58 Newcomb Lake Road, Newcomb, off NY Route 28N Local
The Adirondack Interpretative Center5922 State Rt. 28N, Newcomb, NY 12852 Local
The Adirondack experience9097 State Route 30, Blue Mountain Lake, NY 1281228 miles
The Wild Center45 Museum Drive, Tupper Lake, NY 1298641 miles
The Adirondack Sky Center178 Big Wolf Road, Tupper Lake, NY 1298643 miles

Hunting in the fall at the Goodnow Flow

Buck photographed in the dark at the Goodnow Flow, Newcomb NY
Nighttime IP-camera shot – young buck at my Goodnow Flow cabin, Newcomb NY

Limited deer hunting, by club members, is allowed in the leased woodland during the fall season. I think its limited to 4-point- plus bucks, no does. There should also be hunting on the State lands of the Essex Chain close by the Flow. If you are a hunter you will understand the rules better than I.  I did see one mention of deer hunting at the Essex chain, for the first year it was opened to the public.