Wildlife on IP camera at the Goodnow Flow: A Mink and its bounty

I have a collection of eleven or so IP cameras around my cabin and the stream at my Goodnow Flow camp in Newcomb (NY Adirondacks). It might be pretentious to call it a network but I have been adding cameras to catch various kinds of wildlife. I’ve been tweaking the layout as winter approaches as, based on experience, critter populations and behavior changes with the season.

Mink reaches my driveway but its journey is apparently not over. RLC-510 POE IP camera

Today I captured a mink with lunch on the driveway camera that yesterday I was complaining was better resolution than I need to surveil human visitors.

Then I tracked the critter back through three more cameras. It seemed determined to get lunch somewhere. Or get lunch to somewhere where it wouldn’t get stolen.

Mink does open-space dash. Reolink RLC420 POE IP camera

All told it must have travelled more than a couple hundred yards

My first clips are from the stream but it seems to have already gotten its snack

Mink a stream, journey already in progress. ReoLink RLC-511C POE IP camera

I’m not sure what its carrying but it looks bigger than a mouse.

Reolink IP cameras at my Goodnow Flow Adirondack Vacation Home, Newcomb NY

RLC-420 ip camera at Adirondack camp stream
ReoLink RLC-420 bullet camera at my cabin’s stream

All the clips are from ReoLink 4K cameras. They are all variants in the same generation. The RLC-420 gives an image that is wider than the others, those look like eyes, two other are RLC- 510s. I’m currently buying those for less than $50 each with tax. The shot of the critter swimming and climbing out of the water onto the boards is from a RLC-511. That has optical zoom capability but honestly, at $90, I’d rather buy a couple more of the cheaper units. It may have a slightly better image but tends to ‘hunt’ changing focus for whatever the breeze is blowing when there is no real action. The clip with the red text is a version that was archived by the computers at the cabin rather than the PC at home – the recording was triggered a couple of seconds earlier, then the Blue Iris software emailed me a clip.

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