Goodnow Weekly a FB group about the Goodnow Flow, a private ADK lake

Posting clipped from the Goodnow weekly Facebook page
The main content of the Goodnow Weekly FB page is material off my IP cameras

I maintain a Facebook (FB) group ‘Goodnow Weekly’. The focus is on the Goodnow Flow and its surroundings in Newcomb NY. The group is open. Everyone can see content, you don’t have to be a member.  What you post goes to the center of the page (not a sidebar). Posts automatically go out to group members. I will delete off-topic content. Pictures and video from my IP cameras are the core content for the Goodnow Weekly FB page. I also use a bunch of keyword searches to find content relevant to the lake and (to a lesser degree) Newcomb and do updates on property sales (that also get integrated into a real estate page on this site).

Goodnow Flow Association Facebook page

A Goodnow Flow Association Facebook page is managed by anonymous board-associated cadres . Posting is quite restricted, with a corporate style philosophy for control of information dispersal.  There is an email address (which looks to operated by Drew Cullen) to submit material but it likely will be published as ‘from a GFA member’.  As a test example …. the GFA wouldn’t share this coyote clip (2/19/23) without me removing the ‘promotion (I can’t take out the camera embedded website link to here). I chose site and FB page names that don’t include ‘Flow’ as my pages are not affiliated with this owners’ association. There is now an official GFA web page but its currently problematic as to what content will be deemed appropriate to post and what there is now might be good for a legal brief but nobody is going to stay around long enough to read it. My current snarky tagline for GFA pages would be ‘I’m part of the Association but not the Club’ if I had access to post.

Alternative FB page for Goodnow Flow

There is an alternative Facebook page that was initially principally maintained by David Dorey (currently titled Goodnow Flow Community).  He posted video of runs around the lake, on the road or on the water, if he was in town. I used several of his videos in making this website.    UPDATE: David Dorey is no longer an Admin or editor at the GF unofficial/community page. Activity on that page is much reduced and now more vanilla in tone. You can search for David’s independent pages.

Newcomb Facebook Pages

Discover Newcomb NY is a village gov’t-associated Facebook page. It has content for both year-round residents and seasonal visitors. It’s an important resource for learning about upcoming events in the summer season but rather locked down for commenting.  There are also Discover Newcomb NY Apps for iPhone and Android. There is an independent Newcomb community FB group that is currently active and more open than the town pages.

The Cafe/General store posts frequently on Facebook. There are a couple of FB pages for snowmobilers- one for the Newcomb club and one for riders at the lake (note that the Flow and leased lands are private and limited to Lot owners & accompanied guests).