Goodnow Flow Newcomb property for sale and sold

Updates for Goodnow Flow Newcomb property for sale and sold

This is a very basic post to keep track of Goodnow Flow Newcomb property that is for sale  or ‘recently sold’. The content isn’t novel but the idea is to make it easy to keep track of and update the included information

I have a page about Goodnow Flow real estate, taxes and shopping for properties, I also did a summary of Newcomb waterfront sales at the end of last year as a blog post. Those are tidier than this content.

The rule used to be that sales prices were lower than tax rolls values but there were several transactions last year that broke that rule- one claim being that the pandemic made rural isolated property more sought after.

I am sharing a google sheet where I track real estate activity

The sheet did not insert nicely (for me) inserting with HTML so go look at the updating (current) spreadsheet in a tab using this link or download Goodnow Flow real estate as a spreadsheet.

What metrics in valuing Lakefront property at Newcomb’s Goodnow Flow?

Added July 25 2021: I started adding in lot areas (available on tax listings) and lake frontage (from listings). I had an appraisal done several years ago for a tax appeal and frankly it totally missed the core point for valuations at the flow. Generally the value is in the land and to a large extent the lake frontage. My rule of thumb is that a standard lot is about 100ft wide, terrain can make that vary and acreage is then driven by the depth of the lots in a specific area. You can get a feel for the value of the structure (plus septic etc) on a lot from the difference for (total valuation – land valuation) in tax roll listings. You really can’t do structure valuation off bedrooms and square feet since some lots have hunting camps and some have palaces. I joke that my property would be worth more with the structure (1955 hunting camp) razed but thats not really true – there is a value in the fact its close to the water and I can rebuild on the footprint (that doesn’t show up in the tax roll numbers). Before 2021 my casual estimate was that the land of a standard 100ft lot had a value around $80K but the tax roll number was more like $120K, that may have changed with the sales price spike this year.

At the end of the prior season, start of any new season there are likely some properties that go off market for a while for an archaic realty repricing ritual – I don’t feel obliged to play along and am not deleting lines just to put them back.

I don’t have an update schedule. Let me know if you see something that I’m not including.

The spreadsheet is idiosyncratic and there is no guarantee of accuracy. It is suppose to be reflecting my updates done in the source file so the content will change.  

My main sources are Zillow listings for the 12852-zip code and Judy Morris’ Higher Places site (she is the most active realtor for Newcomb properties), sometimes I get out to MLS listings. 

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