Fisher cat visits a Newcomb NY property

A fisher cat is an early spring visitor to a Newcomb NY waterfront property

Fisher Cat Newcomb NY property
Fisher on an ice bridge over my stream

Sunday March 21 2021 my cameras captured video of a Fisher Cat passing through my Newcomb NY property.  It looks to be large – online there are comparisons to Cat sized but my first reaction was ‘is that a black Lab’.  Mind the more you watch the easier it is to see its not a dog, it moves wrong, the legs and head are too short, and in the stills you can see the ankle/paw design is distinct. My thanks to David Dorey for tweaking the image by the big rock. Click each image in the gallery for a full-size view.

I  spliced together three pieces of video covering the passage of the Fisher. You won’t be able to see the area back in woods when the everything greens up.

Spliced video clips of a Fisher Cat at the stream on my Goodnow Flow Adirondack camp

The location is a stream running into the Goodnow Flow.  The Flow would be below the crossing boards and critter bridge (that didn’t work), but the level is low for the winter.  The favored places for crossing changes with season.  Wild life will favor an upstream location when the snow is gone and the stream isn’t running hard.  I think this Fisher has been around before, the upstream camera caught a shadow of something the other week

Ghost shadow on my StreamCam – I’m guessing it was the Fisher but I don’t know where the light is coming from to make the shadow!

Another Fisher visit to my Goodnow Flow camp

There was light snow May 1 2021 and I think a smaller Fisher past through on the trail towards my neighbor. I added an 9 second video of the Fisher to YouTube.

Cameras at my Newcomb property

IP cameras stream Newcomb NY Property
Multiple cameras watch the area of my stream for wild life

The videos and screen grabs are all from 4K Reolink cameras that are selling for less than $50.  Recently I’ve paid more for 250ft outdoor internet cable than I paid for one of these cameras.  The first two parts of the video are from the same camera but software on  two PCs caught different segments – setting recording duration and sensitivity is an issue, you need to avoid having too many triggers.  The last video segment by a big rock is on a well defined critter trail, wild life is funneled in that direction because of steep slope or brush in other areas on this bank.  I figured out some of the locations by using a couple of game cams for a year or so.

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