Newcomb’s Retail Trail: Shop Independent Stores

Newcomb has a number of small private retail stores along and around State Route 28N. This post adds to the info in my Newcomb services page. For accommodation options see listings for lodging or camping. Its a good idea to check Facebook pages and websites for store opening hours details and contact information, especially out of season. The square buttons are used for food options (stores and/or dining), the round buttons in the map are for ‘specialty stores’. Lots of folks in Newcomb wear a couple of hats so that distinction is a bit arbitrary! Hover your cursor over the buttons within the map to get a label. I also made a printable version to carry.

High Peaks Shiitake

Sandra Bureau of High Peaks Shiitake has log grown Shiitake mushrooms in season, that seems to be something like July to September, when the weather cooperates. She offers them herself (56 Santanoni Drive), at farm stands in Long Lake and via Cloudsplitters Outfitters which is part of the Retail Trail.

Upper-Hudson Woolery

The Upper Hudson Woolery offers hand-knit wool products and is based at 92 Marcy Lane. Items from the website include hats gloves and leg-warmers. They have a Facebook page in addition to the website.

Pine-Haven Cottage

Pine-Haven Cottage, run by Jayne Funari at 5037 on 28N. It offers a blend of cabin, summer home and farmhouse decor including recovered furniture along with smaller gift items. It’s across from Overlook Park with a big sign and it’s usually obvious if they are open, but check ahead especially out of season and weekdays.

Taylor’s Treasures

Taylor’s treasures, operated by Norma Taylor at 5075 on 28N offers “antiques treasures and collectibles”. Check items on Facebook and look for the open signs/flag at the end of the driveway.

Cloud-Splitter Outfitters and Newcomb Guide Service

Cloud-Splitter outfitters is next to the bridge over the Hudson at 5302 on 28N. Usually there is a flag up if they are open (Tuesday – Sunday in season). Ruth and David Olbert offer some food basics and specialty items, with a focus on regional products. They also have a range of ‘stuff you might need’ at camp and a variety of rentals like kayaks and bicycles. They have two level-two EV chargers. Dave & Ruth also operate Newcomb Guide service from the same location offering outdoor recreational experiences beyond the equipment rental of the store. Activities include river rafting.

Bunny’s Craftique Cottage

Handcrafted items by Bunny Columbus at 5397 route 28N in Newcomb (across from the Lake Harris lodge) . She mainly utilizes balsam in items like Balsam pillows, draft dodgers, Balsam filled boxes, lamps and gift sets. She also has handmade birch baskets and other Birch items along with hand painted Crocks, Wine Glasses, Beer Glasses and other specialty items. Her season runs June to mid October, look for the open sign at the Craftique Cottage.

Lake Harris Lodge

Lake Harris lodge, at 5410 on 28N primarily operated by the Audinos, offers casual dining. I think they focus on lunch to dinner (vs the Newcomb café covering breakfast & lunch) in the season. They also open for special events. They look to be working on adding to the one current ‘glamping’ platform as an additional option for Newcomb visitor accommodation.

Newcomb Café

Newcomb Café & general store at 5575 on 28N is open year round (8am to 3pm) for breakfast and lunch but check that on Facebook, especially out of season. In addition to a café they are the other general store, have a credit card gas pump and operate a campground in the summer season. They are around for snowmobile season (usually with no-EtOH gas in the pump).

Plan B Wood Products & Gifts

Plan B at 5789 on 28N seems to do a whole range of woodworking with local timber. Check their facebook pages for examples as their work seems to range from shed and shelf type stuff through to rustic themed furniture items, done to order.

The text content here is not overly original being aggregated from websites and Facebook pages. The slightly interactive map is my creation. You need to go to the linked pages to find phone and email details – generally I don’t like to post that kind of detail. I wouldn’t give street addresses, as a lot of these micro-businesses are home based, except you need the information to find the locations.


  1. We would like to include The Inn at Santanoni on your list.
    Please let me know what you need.
    Thank you.

    1. Author

      Hi – I replied via my regular email. In summary – I wanted to focus on retail activity in that post, I have tweaked content to mention accommodation in Newcomb. Welcome thought on how to do a post on accommodation options but I can’t think how to do a better layout than what is in town pages …… their problem is ‘visibility’ and I added links into the retail trail post that go direct to relevant pages (helps to circumvent the ‘where is that stuff’ issue)

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