Lakeside Hummingbirds at an Adirondack Cabin on Goodnow Flow

Hummingbirds at a lakefront Newcomb NY cabin

The hummingbirds I caught with the IP camera had a white breast and green back (when I could see it).  I went looking for these online and it turns out these will be the female ruby-throated hummingbirds – the sole Adirondack hummingbird.  Apparently only the males get the ruby throat.  I have seen the males in the past and I did get one shot at the feeder using a handheld camera from across the room (they flew away if I tried to pick up the camera when closer inside). Hover on the images for captions, click for full size image.

A hummingbird feeder at my lakefront ADK cabin

Its entertaining to watch the hummingbirds come and go outside your window but one video looks pretty much like another, so for variety I moved the camera around trying different camera angles. The location is the Goodnow Flow in Newcomb NY – inside the blue line of the NY Adirondacks.

Getting in close to the Hummingbird feeder

These were essentially in-yer-face shots for locating the camera, not that the hummingbirds noticed. That works to a degree – but I maybe got too close and the focus wasn’t so great.  The other thing was that the best time of day was quite limited for each angle, as the sun moved around.

Changing light at a Goodnow Flow lakefront cabin,

I also caught ‘last call’ evening shots along with first visits for a morning sugar jolt. Or maybe that was a ghost hummingbird in the evening shot.  The camera had gone to greyscale and the IR illuminator had cut in. For the morning shot you are really looking at the rolling mist on the lake, rather than the hummingbird (like I said: time of day for specific shots is quite fussy)

Hummingbird-Cam at my Adirondack cabin

I positioned a Foscam IP camera by a hummingbird feed on the lakeside of my Adirondack cabin at the Goodnow flow in Newcomb NY. I was using a Foscam FI9900 unit, it’s 1080P resolution i.e. not as good as my standard Reolink 4-5 megapixel units but also not burning as much bandwidth.  I was providing power over ethernet using an after-market extractor. This was just for a couple of days during one of my visits. Video is managed in Blue Iris from Perspective software.

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